Do you like to relax in a pleasant climate with good Italian food and a cozy atmosphere?

Do you like walking, running or cycling in beautiful surroundings?

Do you like the sun, warmth, peace and quiet without the stress of traffic chaos and exhaust fumes? Would you like to detox from the frenetic modern lifestyle for some times?

Can you nod “yes” to any of these questions, then Camogli is the right place for you.

Camogli located on a hillside facing the Mediterranean Sea, is a small charming fishing village with a wonderful relaxed atmosphere.

Life is lived with great gusto, which is probably due to the incredibly beautiful surroundings.

The tiny colourful houses with beautiful repaints lie like pearls on a string beside the small beach that is surrounded by the promenade “il lungo mare” to the east, and a small cozy old harbour to the west.

The restaurants and cafes along the promenade, offers the entire cozy Italian atmosphere.

In the 18th and 19th century Camogli dominated the western Mediterranean with a huge commercial fleet.

The name Camogli, probably originates from “Casa delle mogli” which means “the home of the wives “.

When the men left with cargo ships across the Mediterranean the wives were left at home in Camogli, to take care of children and the town. Camogli is a highly valued and popular but unspoiled vacation resort for the Italians themselves.

Camogli is located in the Golfo Paradiso, on the Portofino peninsula’s western side. Today Portofino Peninsula is a protected nature reserve and on the tip the peninsula, you will find one of Italy’s gems, Portofino, once a small fishing village today it has become one of the “in places” of the Italian elite.